Government Handbook™ 2020-2021

WASTE MANAGEMENT ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHT @ AFRICAN DIRECTORY SERVICES (PTY) LTD 620 Control Panel • Monitors the system24/7 • Warning lightand siren willnotifyuser ifaproblem occurs Programmable Blower Feedsoxygen toaeration chamberand powers recirculation/sludge return The Fusion is a factory-built activated sludge sewage treatment plant. • Low power consumption • Single tank construction • Tank installed completely underground • Low noise factor • Easy installation • Lowmaintenance • No downtime during service / maintenance • Alarm panel – self monitoring • Full nitrification / de- nitrification cycle • Small Footprint • Solar options available P.O. Box 11929, KleinWindhoek | +264-81-129-5759 | +264-088615552 | (fax to email) | | Manufactured by Lid Inlet 110mm Sedimentation Chamber (Anaerobic zone) Separatesbulk solid andgreasewaste Anoxic Chamber Floating Media Bed Outlet 110mm Tank Backwash line and Sludge return Recirculation Line Aerobic chamber “FluidizedBed” Invigoratesaerobic bacteria Filter material (bio balls)